Chapman’s Logo

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What is Chapman’s Logo

Chapman’s brand champagne, popular in the world, is distinguished by its individual unique taste. The logo used to represent the brand’s drinks reflects its best qualities.

Meaning and history

Chapman's Logo

As a basis for the composition of the logo, the figure of a bowl of a wide glass intended for serving a drink was used. The main color of the shape is black. On the sides – a few millimeters from the edges, the shape lines are duplicated in white. This design creates a frame effect. In the center of the figure the brand name is spelled out – “Chapman’s”. The color chosen for the text is white, which goes well with the white border line. The font is more close to the classic one. To keep the composition from looking boring, the author chose to arrange the text along an imaginary, smoothly curved arc. The red line repeating the shape complements the overall picture, makes it more interesting and attractive.

The brand logo is presented in a stylish selection of colors. Basic – black is an excellent combination with a white font tone. An interesting touch is the red line, which dilutes the classic tones, making them brighter and more effective.