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This is ice cream, yogurt, and ice water brand loved by many all across Canada. Besides regular ice cream, Chapman’s made sure it has ice cream varieties for individuals with special dietary needs. For instance, they have gluten-free varieties, such as gluten-free Cookies ‘n’ Cream ice cream, as well as peanuts and lactose-free options. There really is something for everyone. According to its customers, all options are amazing even if they are gluten/peanut/lactose-free. The company has its own wastewater treatment plant and was the first dairy business in Ontario to do so. This plant purifies a large amount of water used in the process of making its products. They have been recognized for their environmental leadership industrywide and in their province.

Meaning and History

It all started in 1973 when the Chapman couple bought an oil refinery in Markdale, Ontario. Initially, it was a small creamery that had a few employees. In 2009, a major fire destroyed Chapman’s plant. This forced Chapman’s to transfer the production to a smaller plant. A year later, though, a new facility was opened, where Chapman’s produced ice cream without any nuts. The smaller plant was used for the production of ice cream with nuts, which allowed it to better serve people with nut allergies. Although the company was not affected much by the COVID-19 pandemic financially, there were some disputes concerning the vaccination. The company initially announced in November 2021 that only those who received the COVID-19 vaccine would be eligible for a raise. This was because the company paid for tests of employees who did not get a vaccine. Due to social disapproval, the company raised everyone’s wages.

What is Chapman’s?
Chapman’s brand is ice cream, yogurt, and ice water producer. This is the best-known manufacturer in Canada with great sales figures. This company has a relatively long history and multiple achievements, including care for the environment. Chapman’s business is still led by the family members as the son of the founders is Vice President of the company.

1973 – Today

Chapman's Logo

The logo used to represent the brand’s drinks reflects its best qualities. As a basis for the composition of the logo, the figure of a bowl was used. The main color of the shape is black. On the sides, there is a thin white border indented inward. This design creates a frame effect. In the center of the figure, the brand name is spelled out – “Chapman’s”. The color chosen for the text is white, which goes well with the white border line. The font is more close to the classic one. All the letters are uppercase and have beautiful serifs. To keep the composition from looking boring, the author chose to arrange the text along an imaginary, smoothly curved arc. As a result, the letters on the ends look bigger than the ones in the center. A red line under the name repeats the shape, complementing the overall picture and making it more interesting and attractive.

Font and Color

The brand logo is presented in a stylish selection of colors. The black is an excellent background for the white wordmark. An interesting touch is a red line, which dilutes the classic tones, making them brighter and more striking. As for the font, the company uses a classic typeface with serifs.