Corona Extra Logo

Corona Extra is a popular brand of Mexican beer produced by Grupo Modelo. It’s a light beer of bright yellow color that contains only about 4.5% of alcohol. As such, it’s one of the most well-liked choices for pale lager, and one of the most sold beers in general – and particularly, in the Western Hemisphere.

Meaning and History

Corona was introduced in Mexico in 1925, becoming one of the first major beer brands in this country. The word ‘corona’ means ‘crown’ in Spanish, but as of the ‘extra’ part – it’s not too clear what’s it’s supposed to refer to. Perhaps it’s simply about the flavor or the quality. It was probably chosen because of its positive connotations, and that’s all.

1925 – today

Corona Extra Logo

The central piece of the beer’s logo is the elegant, sophisticated brand name colored in blue (nowadays). The font is supposed to look aristocratic and regal, and that’s why they chose a Gothic look for them. There are lots of heavy shapes and twirls, and the letters generally resemble iron, which is all the Gothic typefaces are about.

The word ‘Extra’ is rather smaller and located below the first one, but it has the same style.

Above them, the creators put a bright yellow image of a crown. It’s not just some crown, it took inspiration from the Imperial Crown of Mexico (and several others) – it has several arches colliding into a single point above. It’s also rather wider than the real thing.

Emblem and Symbol

Nowadays, they sometimes replace the elaborate style of the letters on the logotype with a plainer, but still visible Gothic-inspired typeface. It’s less bulky and uneven and looks more like an ordinary script with just some quirks. They use it for bottles labels and packages.