Dasani Logo

Dasani is a brand of bottled water owned by the Coca Cola Company. They own several more brands like this, but Dasani seems to be one of the more favored out of the bunch – at least in America. The water inside is pure and filtered, but has just a negligible amount of minerals or other nutrients.

Meaning and History

Dasani was introduced by Coca Cola in 1999. It was originally sold only in America, but was expanded to Canada and some American countries (but not Europe). It’s unclear what the inspiration being the name was, but it seems that they picked it simply because it sounded relaxing and calm.

1999 – today

Dasani Logo

The official logo displays the word ‘Dasani’ written in tall and somewhat thin letters. Some elements are intentionally made wavier to resemble water, and it particularly applies to the ‘S’. It’s basically just a thin wavy stroke of paint.

On the official emblem, they decided to use the color white for these characters and give them some turquoise shadows behind. Then, they put the resulting image onto a black rectangle for background. There are also several more rectangles around the black space that act as a frame. These are colored blue but are rich with gradient.

Emblem and Symbol

The much more well-known emblem is the one they used for their water bottles and cans. The letters there are just plain blue with more intervals between one another. The usual background choice for this is white, which creates calm, tranquil aesthetic. It’s also often used as a substitute for the primary logo above, and vice versa.