Diageo Logo

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What is Diageo Logo

Diageo is a massive British corporation that controls a good chunk of the worldwide alcohol circulation. There are several dozen popular alcohol brands at the disposal, which primarily includes Scottish whisky. The examples of the brands owned by Diageo include: Bell’s, Captain Morgan, Guinness, Smirnoff, Baileys and more.

Meaning and History

Diageo is a product of a giant merger that occurred in 1997 on the British Isles. The famous Guinness company united with Grand Metropolitan. Both companies owned long lists of liquor brands, and that resulted in what was the largest distiller in the world until 2017.

1997 – today

Diageo Logo

The logo is simply the brand name written in capital, sans-serif letters. The font is a combination of even, fluid lines. Largely, it doesn’t have anything particularly outstanding – it’s simply a corporate logo for a conglomerate, not a brand.

Emblem and Symbol

Most of the time, you’ll see this logo featured on buildings or some other property. They are on some bottles of brands owned by Diageo, although not in front. The main chosen color is usually light dark, but it can easily be other colors, if the surroundings demand more contrast.