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Diageo is a world leader in the distribution and production of premium alcoholic beverages. It is a massive British corporation that controls a good chunk of the worldwide alcohol circulation. There are several dozen popular alcohol brands at their disposal, which primarily include Scottish whisky. Examples of the brands owned by Diageo include Bell’s, Captain Morgan, Guinness, Smirnoff, Baileys, and others. Diageo makes an effort to promote moderate alcohol consumption and make people aware of all the consequences of drinking, which is very applaudable for a company that works in the alcohol industry. The company generously finances scientific research to optimize the production, storage, and sale of alcohol. A unique, memorable look of the Diageo bottles developed specifically for each Diageo brand sets this company apart from others. They feature an original shape and a design that is easy to recognize.

Meaning and History

Diageo is a product of a giant merger that occurred in 1997 in the British Isles. The famous Guinness company united with Grand Metropolitan. The Grand Metropolitan’s roots go back to 1934. It was initially in the hotel and restaurant business. In 1972, the company took its first step into the alcohol industry by purchasing London’s largest breweries. In the 1980s, Grand Metropolitan continued to buy brands, but a change in direction meant big expenses to come. So, in 1997, it was decided to merge with Guinness. The latter is a famous Irish brewery that was founded in 1759 and also owned a lot of brands. The new company took a name that consists of the Latin word “diēs” – “day” and the Greek “geo” – “world”. After the merger, Diageo focused on premium alcoholic beverages.

What is Diageo?
Diageo is one of the world’s largest alcohol brands, which is proven by the fact that it is sold in about 180 countries and includes about two hundred brands. Almost half of the company’s budget is allocated for the development and promotion of six key brands, while the other brands account for the remaining funds. For a long time, the company was the largest concern producing alcohol, but in 2017 it was surpassed by the Chinese corporation Kweichow Moutai.

1997 – today

Diageo Logo

The logo is simply the brand name written in capital, sans-serif letters. The font is a combination of even, smooth lines. Largely, it doesn’t have anything particularly outstanding – it’s simply a corporate logo for a conglomerate, not a brand. Most of the time, you’ll see this logo featured on buildings or some other property. It is also seen on some bottles of brands owned by Diageo, although not in front. The main chosen color is usually a muted red, but it can easily be other colors if the background demands more contrast.

Font and Color

Diageo Emblem

The logo is done in just one color, which is close to Carmine shade of red. It has just a slight pink tint to it and looks quite vivid and deep. It is no wonder that this color was chosen for premium alcoholic beverages because the carmine color was the color of kings since ancient times. The company uses a custom font but it closely resembles the fonts from the Futura Family fonts. It is a modified version of the Futura Medium typeface.