Eastar Jet Logo

Founded: October 26, 2007
Founder: Lee Sang-jik
Headquarters: Gangseo-gu, Seoul
Website: http://www.eastarjet.com/

Eastar Jet is a small South Korean low-cost airline that made its first flight on January 7, 2009, between Gimpo and Jeju airports. The company is part of the U-FLY alliance and its fleet consists of 18 Boeing 737 aircraft of various series.

Meaning and history

The airline currently operates regular passenger flights to 14 destinations in eight countries. Since 2018, the company has seen noticeable growth. In 2018, the number of flights increased significantly, and the number of passengers transported within the country and abroad reached 3 million, respectively. The company operates most of its flights between major cities in South Korea. International destinations include: Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and Japan.

What is Eastar Jet?
Eastar Jet is a South Korean low-cost airline that operated scheduled and charter flights. It offered affordable air travel options to domestic and international destinations, focusing on routes within Asia. However, Eastar Jet had suspended its operations due to financial difficulties.

2007 – now

Eastar Jet Logo

Throughout its history, the company has had only one logo, which is ideal for both domestic and international flights, as the logo contains the company’s name in English and Korean. The English name is big, bold, and is made in red color; between the letters “R” and “J” there is a small star (as the name of the company suggests). The grey Korean lettering is much thinner and is located under the English one.