Estrella Logo

Estrella is a brand of snacks produced in Sweden by the Kraft Foods Company. The brand is nearly exclusive for Scandivania – there, they sell chips, peanuts and other forms of foods eaten on-the-go. These snacks seem beloved by the Swedes, but are relatively unknown outside.

Meaning and History

Estrella Logo history

The brand was introduced in 1946 in Sweden by the entrepreneur named Folke Anderson. Initially, they sold popcorn to the locals in western parts of the country, but they eventually expanded to chips and other popular types of snack food. The name means ‘star’ in Spanish.

1997 – 1999

Estrella Logo 1997

The first real logo was adopted in 1997. It featured simply the brand name written in the white cursive letters in the middle of a red rectangle. The other visual elements include two more red lines just above and below the main figure, and the white space between them.

1999 – 2004

Estrella Logo 1999

They mostly carried on the written part from the previous logo intact. Here, they put it over an amalgamation of red shapes: a star and a ribbon behind it. Both were 3D, and the start in particular used its volume to bend its tips for some reason.

2004 – today

Estrella Logo

Once more, the text stayed as it was, while the red structured were rearranged. The text itself moved to the middle of the ribbon, while star moved to directly above it. They also introduced some coloring changes, but it mostly included shading and such.

Emblem and Symbol

The emblem is mostly used as decoration for packages. In particular, the chips and other snacks feature this logo in their upper section. It doesn’t change depending on the coloring around, but they often add addition inscription right below the main thing – mostly indicating the flavor and so forth.