Famous Grouse Logo

The Famous Grouse is a popular brand of Scotch whiskey introduced in 1896 by Erdington. It’s a blended whiskey, which implies at least several year worth of aging before selling to the customers. It’s usually 40% of alcohol, like most liquors of this sort, but there are also stronger variations.

Meaning and History

Erdington Co operated for at least 60 years prior to introducing the Grouse, although this one quickly became one of the beloved drinks in the home country of Scotland. It’s unclear why the name was chosen in this form specifically. The words seem similar, but they don’t rhyme.

What is Famous Grouse?
The Famous Grouse is a well-known Scottish blended whisky brand. It has been produced since 1896 and is known for its smooth and balanced flavor. It is one of the best-selling whiskies in Scotland and has gained popularity worldwide.

1896 – today

Famous Grouse Logo

The emblem is rather simple: it’s a realistic painting of the grouse bird standing on top of some yellowish grassland, with misty hills filling the background. The bird’s plumage is red, but it’s often changed for the variations – for instance, to black for ‘Black Grouse’.

Below the image is the name of the brand – ‘The Famous Grouse’, written in bright red letters, all serif uppercase. Furthermore, there’s a small handwritten addition colored in yellow that says ‘blended Scottish whiskey’ right below the main writing.

Emblem and Symbol

The logo is usually printed both on the labels of the bottles and the boxes where the bottles are packed. At the same time, the dominant color is white in all scenarios, although they change the bird depiction to a simplified version fairly often, mostly coloring it in either yellow or black.