Findus Logo

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Findus is a major food supplier in Sweden. They produce a large variety of prepared meals and products that can be turned into meals in a matter of minutes, including canned goods, jellies, jams, vegetables and fruits. The frozen food is where they excel in particular.

Meaning and History

The company as it is now has been founded in 1945, although there have been factories with the same purpose in the same location in the past. The word ‘Findus’ is derived from the Swedish word for ‘fruit industry’ – ‘fruktindustry’. They just abbreviated the parts and came up with this short name.

1952 – 1958

Findus Logo 1952

The initial logo was a green shield figure that had ‘Findus’ written in capital letters over its top section. The letters were white with red shades behind them. In addition to that, they put a white rectangle onto the middle section. Inside, they’ve wrote something to the effect of ‘pea-household’, which referred to the main product they made back then.

1958 – 1971

Findus Logo 1958

In 1958, they instead opted for a plain red rectangle with the company name written over it. They chose white again and actually used the same sort of serif as before (with some minor alterations).

1971 – 1987

Findus Logo 1971

In 1971, they introduced a white flag-like shape with a thin black outline. In the middle of the ‘flag’ section, they included a similar red shape, which in turn held the company name. This time, they opted for a softer, more even sans-serif script.

1987 – 1987

Findus Logo 1987

In 1987, they decided to surround the red inlay with a white outline and another, slimmer black line. The letters inside were now much sharper and turned to being a serif style again. Additionally, they were tilted to the right a bit.

1987 – 2005

Findus Logo 1987 - 2005

It’s the same logo, although here only the red section and its outlines remain.

2005 – 2011

Findus Logo 2005

By 2005, the form was transformed into a more pear-like shape. In terms of coloring, they added a yellow glint to its left side. Text-wise, they simply scaled down the sharpness.

2011 – 2014

Findus Logo 2011

In 2011, they elongated the pear, removed the yellow glint from it and added two outlining strokes alongside its perimeter – one blue on top and one green in the bottom.

2014 – today

Findus Logо

The 2014 logo basically got rid of everything except the red element and the text inside. The only addition featured red extensions on both sides that left the blank space between them and the ‘pear’.

Emblem and Symbol

There were several periods when Findus branding was awkwardly united with the branding of two other European frozen food companies – namely, Iglo and Birds Eye. This happened when the 2011 logo was in use, and for some reason both of these other brands used the same logo, but with their own inscriptions.