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What is Finlandia Logo

Finlandia is iconic Finnish vodka made from local ingredients and with local technology. The brand is considered one of the higher-class vodkas, as are most vodka trademarks from this country, generally. It’s also famous for having numerous flavors in assortment – most notably, the berry ones.

Meaning and History

Finlandia was introduced in 1970 by the American company called Brown-Forman. Despite the international ownership, it’s still considered a Finnish-made vodka brand. The name, obviously, takes inspiration from a more Latinized version of the country’s English name.

1970 – today

Finlandia Logo

The central piece here is the name of the brand itself. This word is written in thin, tall letters, and it occupies most of the available space. The color of choice is usually dark white, as in the country’s flag. The other visual element commonly in use here is the phrase ‘vodka of Finland’ written in red serif inscription directly below the main part.

Emblem and Symbol

As for various depictions and imagery, Finlandia has several options. The most common one is a couple of deer galloping to the left in front of the red sun. Alternatively, these same deer can be horn-fighting in front of the same sun, except it’s higher up and smaller. There are many variations besides even that.