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Finnair is a national flag carrier of Finland, as well as the largest airline in this company. Their fleet is not particularly big for the continent, but they are still an important regional provider. Most of their flights take you somewhere in Europe, but there are also American and Asian destinations.

Meaning and History

Finnair Logo history

Finnair was established in 1923 specifically to serve the travel means of the Finnish. Initially, they were known as Aero O/Y, which is just ‘Aero Company’, but in Finnish classification. The name ‘Finnair’ was adopted in 1953 when they started flying beyond their immediate region.

Who owns Finnair?
The company is an independent, private entity. However, most of the shares are owned by the Finnish government, which gives them a lot of say in how things are done in the company.

1968 – 2000

Finnair Logo 1968

In 1968, they introduced a logo that consisted of an emblem and the name inscription. The former was simply a turquoise circle with a white letter ‘F’ inside. They placed it in the right section of the figure and extended its bottom to an opposite side by drawing a thick white line that sprouted from there.

The inscription was the company’s name written in all capital letters, colored in the same color as the emblem. It was a rather simple, yet also inflated and tilted, sans-serif.

2000 – 2010

Finnair Logo 2000

In 2000, the emblem changed to a square. This time, they put the ‘F’ exactly as it was in the top of the figure, shifted the color to a darker shade and only left a little bit of paler blue in the right bottom corner of the figure.

What is Finnair?
It’s the national carrier of Finland. Most flights out of the country are done with their help.

The name part also changed to a darker blue, in addition to altering their font to a looser, artistic style. They removed many of the sharp angles, added fluidity and literally cut chunks out of the letters.

2010 – today

Finnair Logo

By the 2010, they got rid of the emblem and used the name solely. It was much like the previous design, except yet darker and with minor style alterations. They basically added more angles, while still retaining the fluid appearance.

Emblem and Symbol

Where does Finnair fly?
It’s a properly international company. However, most of their destinations are scattered across Europe, their home continent.

The company still uses the ‘extended F’ symbol, but not on their official emblems. They primarily utilize it as part of the airplane livery. The vessels are mostly white, with the company name written in dark blue on the sides and the symbol added onto the vertical part of the tail. The colors resemble the ones from the Finnish national flag.