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Firefly is a major aerospace company from America that manufactures launch mechanisms and other products related to the field (but mostly the launch vehicles). They work closely with NASA, which acquires their launchers to propel their satellites into space. They’ve been rather successful,

Meaning and History

Firefly Logo history

Firefly Aerospace was created in 2017 from the ruins of Firefly Space Systems, which was an independent company created by several businessmen in 2014. The reckoning for the name was likely that their products make spacecraft fly, while also igniting them – quite simply.

Who owns Firefly?
The company is owned by Noosphere Ventures. It’s a tech developer focused on satellites.

2014 – 2017

Firefly Logo 2014

When the company was still Firefly Space Systems, they’ve designed their original logo. The central piece was an emblem: a combination of a rocket’s tip, fly wings and a shape that could be either ignition trail or a firefly’s lower body. It was mainly black with some yellow glow in the center.

The other part was the company name written in two lines below the symbol. The main one was ‘Firefly’, written in black, futuristic letters with a lot of sharp angles and cut parts. The rest of the name was typed right beneath. The style was identical, although the coloring rather resembled the one seen in the emblem above.

2017 – today

Firefly Logо

For their next stage, they mostly used the same logo, except the ‘firefly’ symbol now was completely yellow, while the written part below obviously changed to reflect the new name – the lower line changed to ‘Aerospace’, and the color was fully black this time around.

Emblem and Symbol

Firefly Emblem

What is Firefly?
Firefly is an engineering company that makes space products. Launch vehicles are their favorite.

Their launch vehicles are typically decorated with a black firefly symbol as the one they have on their logo. However, because the hulls are usually metal grey, the emblems consequentially have to be colored black. Other than that, they suffer little change. And there’s also usually a vertical ‘Firefly’ all down the hull.