Full Throttle Logo

Full Throttle is a minor brand of energy drinks produced under Monster Energy. Much of their operation is located in the United States and Canada, which is where most of their sales happen anyway. The drink has a specific ‘metal’ aesthetic bound to associate with manic performance of the metal bands.

Meaning and History

The drink was introduced in 2004 by its previous owner, the Coca Cola Company. Later on, it was sold to Monster Energy. The whole style is reminiscent of the classic death metal bands, although it doesn’t seem to affect their taste qualities or other characteristics, except for the fact that they are full of strong coffee.

What is Full Throttle?
Full Throttle is an energy drink brand that belongs to The Coca-Cola Company. It offers high-caffeine beverages targeted towards individuals seeking an extra boost of energy and stimulation.

2004 – today

Full Throttle Logo

The brand’s logo features its own name written in metal-colored letters and with the same appearance as sharp metal blades. In short, they are tall, thin, strewn all over the canvas and curved upwards from the bottom. The text is outlined in black and then in a thinner red layer, and an even slimmer white one.

It’s then placed onto a square background of a dark grey color. The only other visual element is the ‘Energy Drink’ inscription in much the same style as the main part.

Emblem and Symbol

On the drinks themselves, the emblem is a bit softer. The letters are much sounder geometrically, although still reminiscent of knives. The multilayered outline is gone, while the background is substituted by a black spade-like shape. The ‘energy drink’ part is surprisingly very ordinary to look at.