Gaggia Logo

Gaggia is an Italian company that produces coffee machines – primarily, espresso-makers. Initially, it was a pioneer brand that manufactured mechanisms that could improve the flavor of coffee without extra effort. Now, they are still known for the technologically advanced machines and appliances.

Meaning and History

The company was created in 1947 by the engineer called Achille Gaggia (naturally, that’s where the name came from). However, his journey of creating technological marvels for the coffee industry dates back to the 30s, when he patented his first espresso-making mechanism that utilized hot water instead of the steam.

What is Gaggia?
Gaggia is an Italian company renowned for its espresso machines and coffee-related products. With a rich heritage spanning over 80 years, Gaggia is synonymous with high-quality coffee-making equipment, known for its elegant design, innovative features, and ability to deliver rich and authentic espresso experiences.

1947 – today

Gaggia Logo

The official emblem features a collection of very linear capital letters that make up the word ‘Gaggia’ together. They are all very thin, tall and straight. In addition, they made sure to add more space between the letters and underline them with a single thick line that goes through the bottoms of the letters.

Sometimes, they would add ‘Milano’ (‘Milan’) below in a similar, but thinner and more ordinary font. That’s obviously where their headquarters are.

Emblem and Symbol

The symbol occasionally used as an emblem in conjunction with the main logo is a linear drawing of the lever coffee machine and the coffee jug right behind it. They’ve drawn just the outlines, with inner space usually blank. The colors, therefore, can easily change to whatever owners want.