Gancia Logo

Gancia is a popular brand of wine from Piedmont, Northern Italy. They are particularly famous for their sparkling wine, of which Gancia is considered the most prominent and chief brand in this country. True sparkling wine is produced in Champagne, naturally, but Gancia comes pretty close in quality.

Meaning and History

Gancia Logo history

Like all Italian brands, Gancia is a direct copy of the founder’s family name. Carlo Gancia established Gancia winery in 1850 following his trip to France. More than a century later, it’s a celebrated brand across Europe and Americas, although not nearly as popular as French champagnes.

1990 – 2013

Gancia Logo 1990

The initial logo introduced in 1990 was a mess of geometric shapes. Firstly, they put a blue rectangle with two grey lines above and below as background for the major piece – a red wide pentagon shape facing down. On it, they wrote the brand name in thin, orderly serif letters. The color was commonly white.

2013 – today

Gancia Logо

The one they chose in 2013 was a lot like the previous design, yet simpler. This time, they simply took the pentagon part, gave it two accompanying bronze (with a lot of illumination) ribbons above and below and changed the writing style. It was still white, but the letters grew to uppercase, grew bolder and ditched their serif nature.

They also slightly outlined them with the same glowing ribbons as the outside of the logo now had.

Emblem and Symbol

A lot of their bottles sport an even simpler version of their primary logotype. The main part is the brand name exactly as seen on the logo, except pure white. The rest of these labels vary, but they usually have a semblance of a coat of arms directly above. It features a Savoy cross (of Italian monarchy), a crown and two wreaths.