Glenfiddich Logo

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Glenfiddich is the most successful brand of single-malt Scottish whisky in the world. It’s a relatively young brand – only appearing in the late 19th century. However, because the particular part of Scotland where it was brewed offers a unique variety of whisky, they became very much successful.

Meaning and History

Glenfiddich Logo history

The distillery opened in Dufftown, in Northeastern Scotland, in 1887 by one William Grant, a whisky enthusiast. The name is taken from the Gaelic (a Celtic language native to Scotland). In this language, it means ‘the valley of the deer’, which explains the choice behind their emblems.

1970 – 2007

Glenfiddich Logo 1970

The initial logo depicted a rather realistic illustration of a deer (at least, an upper half of one), put right over the brand name, written in black and tall serif letters. The minor details also included the words ‘Single Malt Scottish Whisky’ in two lines beneath the main section and ‘est. 1887’ written in brown to each side of the deer.

2007 – 2014

Glenfiddich Logo 2007

Some changes were introduced in 2007. The entire logo was generally streamlined: the ‘est. 1887’ part disappeared and slight outline that the main letters had also vanished. The deer and the secondary text were turned golden, while most of the nuance of the animal was reduced to just outlines.

2014 – today

Glenfiddich Logo

The 2014 logo used the deer and the brand name from the previous logo, but changed their colors. The deer turned from gold to bronze, and the ‘Glenfiddich’ became dark brown instead of black.

Emblem and Symbol

The old bottles had various labels, but many used the same iconic image – a coat of arms of Glenfiddich. It depicted two a shield with a red-white-red tricolor, 3 crows and 3 red roses. Two bearded men with clubs in their hands stood to both sides of the shield. Above, they’ve written the business’ name onto a white curved ribbon.