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GoFood, an integral arm of Gojek, is Indonesia’s leading food delivery platform. Catering to the culinary desires of millions, it connects diners with local eateries and restaurateurs. Dominating the Indonesian market, GoFood has expanded its wings in Southeast Asia. Owned by Gojek, this service underscores the company’s commitment to simplifying daily life through technology.

Meaning and history

Gofood Logo history

Founded in 2010 by Nadiem Makarim, Gojek began its journey as a motorcycle ride-hailing service in Jakarta. With an aim to solve transportation woes, it rapidly gained popularity. Witnessing this growth, Gojek extended its services, one of which was GoFood, launched in 2015.

GoFood quickly became a game-changer in Indonesia’s food delivery landscape. As the urban population sought convenience, GoFood answered the call by connecting customers with local food vendors and restaurants. Its prompt service and extensive vendor list made it the preferred choice for many.

The expansion was fast. By 2018, GoFood had already marked its presence in numerous cities across Indonesia and even started exploring markets in Southeast Asia. This vast network made it one of the largest food delivery services in the region.

Ownership and the core team of Gojek remained fairly stable in its formative years. However, there were investments and partnerships. Notable investors like Google, Tencent, and JD.com saw potential and poured capital into Gojek, enhancing its offerings, including GoFood.

In 2020, a significant shift occurred. Gojek entered talks with its chief regional rival, Grab, discussing potential merger possibilities. While GoFood had already established dominance in its home country, such a merger would reshape the Southeast Asian digital landscape.

Another pivotal moment was the departure of Gojek’s founder, Nadiem Makarim, in 2019. He left to join Indonesia’s cabinet, handing over the reins to co-CEOs Andre Soelistyo and Kevin Aluwi. Under their leadership, Gojek, and by extension GoFood, continued to flourish, innovate, and expand.

By 2022, GoFood wasn’t just about food delivery. It became a bridge for small vendors to reach a wider audience, provided marketing support, and even facilitated financial solutions for its partners.

In essence, GoFood’s story mirrors the dynamic evolution of Indonesia’s digital ecosystem. From a simple food delivery platform, it grew into a comprehensive service reshaping how Indonesians dine.

2016 – 2019

Gofood Logo 2016

Initially unveiled in 2016, Gofood showcased its pioneering logo, embodying the essence of the brand. Crafted with striking black lettering, every letter stood tall in uppercase prominence. The app’s emblem, rendered in a vivid shade of red, distinctly separates the words “Go” and “Food.” This emblem features a vertically-aligned fork and spoon, positioned parallel to each other, serving as a clear representation of the culinary domain. Despite its simplistic design, the logo effectively communicates the brand’s core function and expertise, capturing the service’s dedication to the world of food. The blend of straightforward design elements perfectly encapsulates the brand’s essence without compromising its core message.

2019 – 2022

Gofood Logo 2019

A few years post its inception, Gojek’s leadership opted for a revamp of Gofood’s initial emblem. While it retained its core elements – the brand name and the iconic emblem – the overall appearance saw a transformative shift. The title now sports lowercase letters, and the emblem no longer divides the name. Instead, it’s positioned to the left. The symbol now displays a bold red backdrop, possibly reminiscent of a plate, with a fork and spoon etched in pristine white atop it.

The revamped design exudes a more approachable aura, contrasting its predecessor’s commanding presence. This softer appeal, largely attributed to the adoption of lowercase typography, aims to resonate more harmoniously with its intended clientele, ensuring a more welcoming brand interaction.

2022 – Today

Gofood Logo

On the left, there’s a prominent circular emblem, predominantly in a vibrant shade of red. Inside this circle is another red, smaller circle. Adjacent to this emblem, in a streamlined and modern font, the word “gofood” is spelled out in lowercase. The typography has a sleek and minimalist design, making the overall visual quite sophisticated and straightforward. The color palette predominantly features monochromatic shades, with the red emblem providing a bold contrast. The design appears clean and is indicative of a brand that values modernity and simplicity.