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GoFundMe is a crowdfunding platform that allows people to raise money for events ranging from life events such as celebrations and graduations to challenging circumstances like accidents and illnesses. Brad Damphousse and Andrew Ballester founded the platform. They launched it in San Diego to help people fund personal and charitable causes.

Meaning and history

Gofundme Logo history

GoFundMe began as a spark of innovation in 2010, created by Brad Damphousse and Andrew Ballester in San Diego. It reimagined aid, allowing personal causes to find global support. The platform quickly became a crowdfunding giant, a tapestry of human resilience and generosity. It enabled millions to fundraise for medical bills, education, and crises with ease and security. Over the years, GoFundMe’s growth mirrored humanity’s interconnectedness, each campaign a story of hope. It’s a testament to collective kindness, forever changing how we help each other.

What is GoFundMe?
GoFundMe serves as a digital lifeline, connecting those who need support with willing donors. It’s the bridge between hope and hardship, enabling stories of struggle to find their happy endings. Through this platform, generosity knows no bounds, embodying the spirit of community and empathy in the digital age.

2010 – 2011

GoFundMe Logo 2010

This early GoFundMe logo, marked “BETA”, hints at the dawn of a new era in community support. With bright green lettering, it radiates optimism. The gray shadows add depth, anchoring the logo firmly in viewer’s minds. Above, a sun-like emblem, joyful in orange, symbolizes hope and the start of something impactful. Its rays reach out like arms offering help or celebrating success. This emblem speaks of beginnings and the bright future of social crowdfunding.


GoFundMe Logo 2011

Transitioning from its beta phase, this GoFundMe logo has shed the “BETA” tag, signaling its matured presence. The design keeps the lively green font, promoting vibrancy and growth. The sun icon remains a beacon of optimism but now assumes a bolder stance atop the word “me,” reinforcing the individual’s role in communal support. The shadow effect on the text is diminished, offering a cleaner and more established look. This evolution reflects a platform ready to stand confidently in the aid of countless causes.

2011 – 2018

GoFundMe Logo 20111

In this rendition, GoFundMe’s logo adds a playful twist with a 3D effect. The green text retains its vibrancy but gains depth, standing out more prominently. The orange sun emblem above maintains its cheerful presence, now with a subtle shadow that gives it a layered look. The word “me” in gray anchors the logo, its 3D outline reinforcing the individual’s importance in the collective effort. These changes infuse the logo with a sense of forward movement, hinting at the platform’s dynamic growth and the impactful stories it nurtures.

2018 – 2021

GoFundMe Logo 2018

In this logo, the GoFundMe design has embraced minimalism. The text and the sun icon are now uniformly green, signifying a seamless blend of brand identity and purpose. The playful depth and shadowing of the past are stripped away, bringing forth a crisp, modern aesthetic. The sun icon, while still celebratory, is now simplified, matching the text’s color, enhancing the logo’s visual coherence. This cleaner look reflects the platform’s evolution towards straightforward, effective community support. The ‘TM’ symbol remains, asserting the logo as a trademarked beacon of the brand’s established reputation.

2021 – Today

GoFundMe Logo

In this iteration of the GoFundMe logo, the most notable change is the central positioning of the sun icon, creating a balanced composition. The uniformity of the vivid green color remains, sustaining visual continuity and brand identity. This central placement of the sun may symbolize the central role of community and assistance that GoFundMe embodies.