Google Classroom Logo

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Google Classroom was firstly launched on January 14, 2015. Its creators are Zach Yeskel – the former high school math teacher, and Mr. Rochelle – the owner of the idea of building Google educational apps in general. The main aim of the site is to help students and professors to establish a stable and reliable channel for creating and sharing information.

Meaning and history

Google Classroom Logo history

2014 – 2016

Google Classroom Logo-2014

Google Classroom got its first logo in the year it was founded. It was a semblance of school wallboard with three figures of people drawn on it, symbolizing students. The board has a thick yellow outline and the color of the board itself resembles a dark green. In its lower right corner, can also be noticed a white rectangular sponge, which is usually to clean everything that is written on the board. This logo was successfully applied until 2016.

2016 – present

Google Classroom Logo

The current logo is only slightly different from the original. The edges of the frame have become even thicker, and the size of the image of the people has decreased. The color palette has also been updated: colors have become lighter and softer. For example, the board color changed from dark green to light turquoise, and the frame color became brighter.