Greene King Logo

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Greene King is a massive brand responsible for brewing of many British beer and ale brands, as well as a large network of pubs, hotels and other public places. Their business is deeply entangled with alcohol, and it is one of the oldest and biggest companies of this sort in Britain.

Meaning and History

In 1799, one mister Ben Greene established a brewery in Eastern England that he named after himself. Most of their products include relatively light beers and ales (4-5% of alcohol). They are also known as the biggest chain of pubs in England, which is a big deal for this country.

What is Greene King?
Greene King is a British brewery and pub company. It operates over 2,700 pubs, restaurants, and hotels across the United Kingdom and produces a range of popular beers and ales.

1984 – today

Greene King Logo

The first true logo was introduced in 1984. While it lasted for a long while, it had some untraceable changes over the years. It features the company name, written in green capital letters (usually sans-serif, but sometimes serif font). The major part is also the golden crown above. Nowadays, it’s a simple ring with several cross extensions.

The contemporary design also has two arrows piercing it; alongside the year this business came to be – ‘1799’ – in two parts on either side of the crown.

Emblem and Symbol

Many of their pubs also feature a classic emblem of Greene King – a vertical oval frame with a likeness of a burly king, clad in green. The innards also feature the ‘1799’ in much the same style as the one on the logo, yet green. Naturally, the business name is written on a plaque appendage along the upper curve.