Havana Club Logo

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Havana Club is one of the most successful rum brands in Cuba. By many, it’s called the Cuban rum, although there are many more. It’s a 40% drink made from sugar cane, although there are many variations that add secondary ingredients or alter the content of alcohol in the bottle.

Meaning and History

The original production became in 1934 on Cuba. Until the Cuban revolution, it went well, but afterwards the brand split into the one produced by Bacardi in America and the original made in Cuba to this day. The name ‘Havana Club’ is derived from the rum’s drinking culture that basically meant consumption by the higher classes in clubs.

1970 – today

Havana Club Logo

The iconic ‘Sun’ logo appeared in the 70s, and the drink doesn’t seem to have any other continuous logotypes prior to this point. It changed over time, but the concept and most elements stayed. Initially, there was a red circle with the ‘Giraldilla’ – the popular statue sight in Havana – protruding from its bottom.

Now, the circle is a lot bigger, and Giraldilla is only standing at its very top. They also added the brand name directly only the circle later on. There, ‘Havana Club’ is written in bold, white letters that go slightly beyond the ‘Sun’ boundaries.

Emblem and Symbol

Regardless of what sort of rum is inside the bottle, the logo always stays the same. The only thing that changes about the labeling is the description of the product itself, as well as the coloring of the background behind the logo proper. The classic coloring, for instance, is blue.