Heartbrand Logo

Heartbrand is a big ice cream brand owned solely by Unilever. Most ice cream variations that Unilever produces are ultimately released until this trademark. Because the company is one of the largest food businesses on Earth, it means a lot. The examples of their ice cream brands include Algilda, Kibon, Good Humor and more.

Meaning and History

Heartbrand Logo history

Heartbrand was established in 1998 following the Unilever’s decision to unite all of their ice cream brands under one name. The name origin is really nothing special – they call it the ‘Heartbrand’, because the branding has a heart on it. That being said, the history of this trademark is a bit deeper.

1962 – 1998

Heartbrand Logo 1962

Before Heartbrand came to be, the Unilever ice cream subsidiaries used this template as the foundation for their logotypes. It was basically five vertical red lines (rounded in the bottom to look like ice cream sticks) with a double blue circle in the middle. The brand name/logotype would be in the middle blank space within the circles.

1998 – 2003

Heartbrand Logo 1998

The original Heartbrand logo is actually a rather wide spiral, but instead of having perfectly round layers, the tops are altered to resemble the hearts. Therefore, it’s still just two hearts connected through the bottom. The only other color here apart from the red is the yellow glow behind the spiral meant to symbolize the sun, no doubt.

2003 – today

Heartbrand Logo

The only real change that followed in 2003 was the removal of the yellow part from the logo, that’s it.

Emblem and Symbol

Like before, the brand names are still present on the logotypes, but instead of being inside the emblem they are now written directly below it. Most Heartbrand labels have a red circle on them. The emblem is colored white and put in its top part, while the rest is occupied by the brand name.