Hoegaarden Logo

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What is Hoegaarden Logo

The Hoegaarden recipe of white wheat beers dates back to the later Middle Ages. The contemporary brand uses much the same technologies, ingredients and techniques to create this beer many centuries later. Now, Hoegaarden is the biggest beer brand in Belgium and the most recognizable white beer recipe in the world.

Meaning and History

The story says that the Belgian town of Hoegaarden was the home of many distilleries and breweries since at least the 15th century. However, by the 20th century, the local industry was in decline. It wasn’t until 1966 that any worthwhile production of the classic wheat beer began gain here. This new business was the Hoegaarden of today.

1966 – today

Hoegaarden Logo

The Hoegaarden logo is simply a wordmark with the brand name on it. It’s written in a rather archaic, Gothic style. It was likely done on purpose and as homage to the oldness of the recipe. The usual coloring is white with a pretty sizeable outline usually colored in black or blue (after the town’s own coat of arms).

Emblem and Symbol

The town’s coat of arms neatly made it into the brand’s extended logotype. It’s an ordinary blue shield with a bronze-colored monk’s hand depicted on it, clutching a monk’s staff. Near it, they added a similar picture, except there the hand clutches a special beer-making rack instead.