Holsten Logo

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Holsten is a major beer brand from Habsburg, Germany. It’s particularly beloved among the British consumers, although a positive sentiment is also present all across Europe. They were the biggest independent Habsburg beer brand until being acquired by Carlsberg in 2004.

Meaning and History

Holsten brewery was opened in 1879 in Hamburg, and it quickly grew to become the biggest alcohol business in this city. The brand is called so after the ancient German tribe that resided in this part of the country (the region of Holstein also got its name from them).

What is Holsten?
Holsten is a German brewery and beverage company known for producing a range of beers, including the popular Holsten Pilsener. It has a long-standing history and is recognized for its quality and traditional brewing methods.

1879 – today

Holsten Logo

The armored rider logo was used by the brand ever since its creation, although it looked just a bit different from the contemporary design. The modern one is a black silhouette of a riding knight with a sword in one hand and a giant shield in the other. Except for black, there is white all over the image, and the shield is visibly red with a white ‘H’ on it.

The word ‘Holsten’ is another major part – it’s written in big black letters directly below the rider. The style is a sort of bold serif typeface.

Emblem and Symbol

The rider used on most bottles in a little different. He looks to the right (instead of the left), is armed with a lance and has a slightly different shape of the shield. Not to mention that he’s rarely black and is actually often the same color as the rest of the label around him.