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Issey Miyake, a Japanese designer, founded the brand Issey Miyake, renowned for its innovative fashion designs. He established the brand in Tokyo, Japan, aiming to explore the relationship between fabric and form. The purpose of creating the brand was to produce clothes that meld traditional techniques with new technology.

Meaning and history

Issey Miyake Logo history

Issey Miyake, a renowned Japanese fashion designer, was born in Hiroshima in 1938. He survived the atomic bomb as a child. Studying graphic design at Tama Art University in Tokyo, Miyake shifted focus to fashion. He moved to Paris in 1965, studying at the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture. Miyake worked in Paris and New York before returning to Tokyo in 1970 to found the Miyake Design Studio.

Miyake was innovative, merging technology with fashion. He developed unique fabrics and engineering techniques, notably pleats. His brand became famous for the “Pleats Please” line in 1993, offering stylish, wearable clothes. Miyake’s designs emphasized functionality and comfort, influencing global fashion trends.

Despite stepping back from day-to-day operations in 1997, Miyake’s influence persisted. His focus was on research and innovation in design. Issey Miyake passed away in 2022, leaving a lasting legacy in both Japanese and global fashion industries.

What is Issey Miyake?
Issey Miyake is a fashion brand celebrated for its cutting-edge technology and artistic designs in clothing. The brand merges traditional Japanese aesthetics with modern technology, creating unique and practical garments. It stands out for its emphasis on simplicity and wearability, reshaping how we think about everyday fashion.

1989 – Today

Issey Miyake Logo 1989

The logo for Issey Miyake is sleek and modern, featuring an all-caps, sans-serif typeface. The letters “ISSEY MIYAKE” are spaced evenly, offering a clean and minimalist look. This design reflects the brand’s focus on innovation and simplicity in fashion. The black font on a white background enhances its bold and contemporary appeal, making it instantly recognizable. The logo’s straightforward style mirrors the brand’s philosophy of clarity and functionality in design.

2000s – Today

Issey Miyake Logo

In this iteration of the Issey Miyake logo, the addition of the word “PARFUMS” underlines the brand’s extension into fragrances. This new element is set in a smaller, yet similar sans-serif typeface, maintaining the brand’s minimalist aesthetic. The use of all-caps in “PARFUMS” complements the main brand name, emphasizing the elegance and sophistication associated with Issey Miyake’s perfume line. The overall design remains clean and straightforward, signaling a focused brand identity that transcends clothing into the realm of scents.