Jameson Logo

Jameson is a brand of the top-selling Irish whisky. Although there are a myriad of whisky distilleries in this country, Jameson is considered one of the greatest, if not the. The classic Jameson is a blended barley whisky (usually), although there are many more varieties with their own formulas.

Meaning and History

The original Jameson distillery opened in 1780 in the city of Dublin by the Scottish man called John Jameson. The Jameson family ruled the business for a long time since, although it was first merged into the Irish Distillers company, and then the latter was acquired by the French from Pernod Ricard in 1988.

1780 – today

Jameson Logo

Much of their branding was used ever since the inception, although the previous incarnations could be slightly different. The modern iteration featured the brand trademark in much the same arched position where it was all these years. The font is a sort of Celtic serif – with a lot of sudden shifts and big extensions on the tips.

The usual color is green, naturally. They use the same color for another writing commonly found on these logotypes – the ‘Irish Whiskey’ remark down below. The type here is also rather different – particularly, it’s much thinner and linear.

Emblem and Symbol

There’s a symbol used equally as part of the logo and as a cork – a red-colored circle that says ‘JJ&S’ in big beige letters in the middle, which stands for ‘John Jameson & Son (Limited)’. This full name is featured on the rim of this print, which is sectioned off from the center with a ring.