Jones Soda Logo

Jones Soda is a brand of soft drinks from Seattle, United States. Most of their products include carbonated drinks or juices of many varieties. The shtick of the brand is that most classic flavors are strange and exotic, such as bacon, bubble gum and those containing unexplored fruits.

Meaning and History

The company was founded in 1995, and it was originally known as Urban Juice & Soda. A few years down the line, they renamed to Jones Soda, because that was the name of their flagship drink, and it was exceedingly popular. To add to recognition, they basically adopted the name of the drink, although its own origins aren’t too clear.

What is Jones Soda?
Jones Soda is a beverage company known for its unique and unconventional flavors. They produce a range of carbonated soft drinks, including classic and innovative flavors, and are recognized for their distinctive packaging featuring user-submitted photos.

2000 – today

Jones Soda Logo

The logo adopted in 2000 after the renaming was basically just a wordmark of their new full name – Jones Soda Co. It’s all black, capital letters with a blocky, sans-serif typeface. The first word of the name is bigger than the rest. The other two nestle just below the main thing.

The interesting nuance is that intervals between the letters can vary from a normal measure to just about any distance.

Emblem and Symbol

The labels as seen on the Jones Soda bottles are very interesting. They are treated by the owners almost as art. The very top is occupied by the white letters directly taken from the main logo but repainted, while the rest is dedicated to a peculiar photograph. Depending on the type of soda, it can be anything from a gorilla to a skateboard.