Kahlua Logo

Kahlua is a coffee liqueur that contains 20% alcohol dose and ingredients such as rum, sugar and a bit of coffee. Produced in 1936, the Kahlua drink brand is now owned by Pernod Ricard group and sold primarily in Northern America and Australia, although it’s also rather popular in Latin American countries.

Meaning and History

Kahlua Logo history

The drink was named ‘Kahlua’ for cause. Both the drink’s brand identity and its name reference us to the Latin American culture and spirit. This word from the Veracruz Nahuatl language, spoken before the Spanish Conquest of South America, means ‘House of the Acolhua people’.

1936 – 2021

Kahlua Logo 1936

The brand’s logotype depicts its inscription ‘Kahlua’, of the bright-red color with yellow outline. An interesting feature of the word’s font is that the character A and K are stood out of the whole inscription by their curious positions.

The whole inscription can be written on different backgrounds. For example, you can find the variants with the blue, black or white background.

2021 – Today

Kahlua Logо

In 2021, Kahlua designers decided to make the logo cleaner. They took the letters themselves, without the yellow outline. The color changed to a rather darker shade of red, and the shapes of letters themselves were polished and remodeled. Generally, they’ve become pretty much the same height this time, with contributed to uniformity.

Lastly, the little accent mark above ‘U’ turned into a brown-colored coffee bean.

Emblem and Symbol

For the bottles of the drink, inscription often goes written over the image of stone arch, which leads us to the scene of beautiful landscape with the hills and cobblestone paved road with the buildings on the way. All this is drawn in the yellow color of different shades.