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Klook is a travel services and booking platform. Eric Gnock Fah, Ethan Lin, and Bernie Xiong founded it. They established the company in Hong Kong. Klook provides travelers with a way to discover and book experiences and services globally.

Meaning and history

Founded in 2014, Klook emerged as a response to the complexity of travel activity booking processes. The founders aimed to provide an intuitive and comprehensive platform for travelers to access local tours, attractions, and transport services worldwide. By 2018, Klook had expanded significantly, securing major funding to enhance its technological offerings and market reach. In 2020, despite the travel industry slowdown, Klook adapted by integrating local and staycation experiences, showing resilience and flexibility. This shift helped maintain its relevance in a rapidly changing travel landscape, allowing Klook to continue its expansion and innovation in providing unique travel experiences.

What is Klook?
Klook is a global platform that enables travelers to book a wide array of travel experiences and services. The platform offers everything from guided tours and food adventures to transport tickets and unique experiences, making travel planning easier and more accessible. Klook connects users to local operators, enhancing the travel experience with rich local insights.


Klook Logo

The logo presents a bold, orange text spelling “Klook”, exuding a sense of energy and enthusiasm. Adjacent is an abstract mark, a burst of colors – teal, purple, yellow, and more. This burst symbolizes diversity and the plethora of experiences offered. It suggests a firework, evoking the excitement of travel and discovery. Each colored shard in the mark potentially represents a unique travel story, experience, or destination available through Klook. This logo’s playful asymmetry and vibrant hues communicate a brand that is dynamic, modern, and inclusive.