Kool-Aid Logo

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Kool-Aid is an American brand of juice-based drink powder. It’s been one of the more popular beverage choices for kids through the 20th century. There are many flavors, but the original cherry red is considered a classic. The brand’s mascot, Kool-Aid Man is a jug of just that variety.

Meaning and History

The formula behind the powder that turns water into Kool-Aid has been synthesized in 1927. Originally, there were only 6 flavors, but since then the creators introduced many more. All you have to do is take the powder and mix it with water. The name basically means that the drink is a good aid in a hot summer day.

1954 – today

Kool-Aid Logo

The logo has been pretty much the same since its adoption. It’s simply an inscription of the brand’s name in the cartoonish haphazard white letters. There are many weird extensions and twists, which make the lettering go all over the place. It’s then outlined with a thick layer of blue that also acts as the letters’ underside.

Emblem and Symbol

The Kool-Aid man changed much more throughout the years. He was first introduced in 1954. He looked like a jug of purple liquid inside with a smiling face scribbled onto the glass. In 1956, he received the limbs, and by 1983 he had pretty much the same appearance he has today.