Kronenbourg 1664 Logo

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Kronenbourg 1664 is an old brand of pale beer. The original recipe was born in France, but the modern beer is produced in Germany under the Carlsberg Company. It’s particularly popular in Britain, although the 1664 fans are also scattered across Europe. The modern beer uses the same recipe as the original beer.

Meaning and History

The original Kronenbourg brewery was opened in Strasbourg, France of 1664 (that’s where the name comes from). The ‘Kronenbourg’ part is derived from the name of the Cronenbourg village, where the original brewer moved a few years later. The current beer brand was created in 1952.

What is Kronenbourg 1664?
Kronenbourg 1664 is a French beer brand known for its premium lager. It has a rich heritage dating back to 1664 and is brewed with the finest ingredients, delivering a crisp and smooth taste. Kronenbourg 1664 is widely enjoyed both in France and internationally.

1952 – today

Kronenbourg 1664 Logo

The 1952 logo of the newly-created beer brand features a white oval crowned by the Kronenbourg coat of arms and supported by two red ribbons behind. Inside the oval, there were two major written parts: the smaller word ‘Kronenbourg’ and a bigger ‘1664’ number. Both were blue and written in an elegant cursive style.

Emblem and Symbol

The emblem of the brewery that makes these beers also featured the Kronenbourg coats of arms – the two lions supporting a checkered shield with a crown above, all completely golden. They also added a ribbon below that states the year of founding of this brewery, as well as the full name itself even lower.