Loacker Logo

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Loacker is a confectionary company located in South Tyrol, Italy. They are particularly famous for their square multilayered wafers that were first created by this company and then adopted by many other brands across the world. Loacker also produces chocolate, pastry and other sweets.

Meaning and History

The brand was started in 1925 by Alfons Loacker in Bolzano, Northeastern Italy. Initially, they only made pastries, including the wafers that the company later became globally known for. By the beginning of the 21st century, it’s still an independent family business run by the Alfons’ descendants.

What is Loacker?
Loacker is an internationally renowned company that specializes in producing and selling high-quality wafer and chocolate products. With a rich history dating back to 1925, Loacker is known for its delicious and crispy wafer creations, made from natural and carefully selected ingredients, and enjoyed by people around the world.

1925 – today

Loacker Logo

As an official logotype, Loacker uses a red rectangle background with the brand name written in white in its middle. The font is also rather peculiar – it’s made rather childish and inconsistent on purpose. It’s mainly based on various serif types, but these letters are much softer and have a lot of unnecessary extensions.

Emblem and Symbol

The other visual element they’ve been using for a long time is an Alpine landscape. By all accounts, they’ve adopted it sometime after 1974, because it was this year that they moved their headquarters to a much more elevated town in the Alps, Auno di Sotto. The landscape features a single mountain peak with green pastures all around it.