Martell Logo

Martell is a globally recognized brand of genuine cognac from France. It’s celebrated for its smooth, soft flavor and superior quality in ingredients. There are many Martell brandy variations, but they are all considered high-class premium cognacs. As such, it’s sold in huge numbers all over the world.

Meaning and History

Martell Logo history

Martell was established in 1715 by the emigrant from Jersey (the island near England). This business of his is considered the oldest cognac distillery. The fact that the business was opened in Cognac set the precedent for all the best brandy types to be produced only in this region.

2000 – 2016

Martell Logo 2000

In 2000, Martell introduced their first-ever logo. It consisted of a little martinet bird depicted as a golden silhouette and the name written in big silver letters. The font is a rather ordinary serif style. It was all then set against a dark blue square meant for background.

2016 – today

Martell Logо

In 2016, they removed the background and altered a few more things. For instance, the bird is now drawn with several golden lines and not pictured as just one silhouette. The letters in ‘Martell’ became dark blue instead of the background.

Additionally, they would usually put the Martell’s own family crest beneath, surrounded by words ‘cognac’ and ‘fondee en 1715’. All of it was usually executed in the same thin lines.

Emblem and Symbol

The Martell family crest is an interesting combination of visual elements. It’s a shield containing three martels – small hammer-like weapons in the French military tradition. In addition to that, both martinet (the bird) and the marteau (‘hammer’) start with ‘mart’ – so it’s all a clever mix of words.