Minute Maid Logo

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What is Minute Maid Logo

Minute Maid is an international conglomerate of brands that sell juices and juice concentrates. The company originally started in United States, although later it became selling brands to virtually all the countries in the world, often under different brands. The company is owned by Coca Cola.

Meaning and History

Minute Maid Logo history

The brand was originally supposed to be a juice powder that could be rehydrated at anytime to provide American soldiers with a ready source of juice within a minute (hence the name). It happened in 1945, and the war was over before they could sell anything to the army, which is why they refocused on the civilians.

1945 – 1993

Minute Maid Logo 1945

The original logo was a dark orange square with a thin black outline and the brand name written in black letters in the middle. The orange was certainly meant to represent the orange juice, which was their original focus. The letters font was a simple serif typeface with thick lines.

1993 – 2009

Minute Maid Logo 1993

In 1993, the square was supplanted with a black rectangle. The middle area was sectioned off with a thin silver line, and inside there was the brand name itself. It was largely the same approach: serif letters written in two lines, but this time they were silver and rather wider than before.

2009 – 2010

Minute Maid Logo 2009-2010

In 2009, the rectangle changed form to a leaf-like figure. It was still black and had a white line alongside its edges. The text was still there; almost exactly as we left it, with the exception of two green leaves which now replaced the dots over ‘I’s.

2009 – today

Minute Maid Logo 2009

Another 2009 variation instead depicted two black hills with foliage on them. Basically just two curves with green lines along the edges. The hills then extended into a tall black space where. The text nestled there like on the previous designs. The font changed very little.

2017 – today

Minute Maid Logо

In 2017, they basically extended the black space even further down and made the hills even curvier, and that’s about it.

Emblem and Symbol

The emblems meant for brand labels actually change all the time depending on what sort of product they are given. Often they lost the black background they have on the original logo and simply go with the text parts. For instance, if the bottle design is orange, it may be just the white text over the orange space.