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Monin is a French brand that sells liquors and syrups. In terms of alcohol, they have a large collection of liquors – primarily for use in cocktails and with coffee. Their syrups have a similar story – they are chiefly used for coffee and some have a small percentage of alcohol within them.

Meaning and History

The company was created by Georges Monin in 1912. The main office was in Bourges, Central France, although the company very soon dispersed across the world. Initially, the company was simply distributing alcohol, then brewing some of their own batches, and eventually starting to mix syrups, which made them rather famous.

What is Monin?
Monin is a renowned global company specializing in premium syrups, sauces, and flavorings for beverages and culinary applications. With over a century of experience, Monin offers a wide range of high-quality products trusted by baristas, mixologists, and chefs worldwide. Their diverse flavors and commitment to innovation make them a preferred choice in the food and beverage industry.

1912 – today

Monin Logo

The company logo is the simple brand wordmark. It’s the word ‘Monin’ written in a sharp serif typeface. The usual color of choice is black. At times, they also like to add an underline beneath the main par with the ‘from 1912’ (in French) inscription in it. On most occasions, they simply use the name alone.

Emblem and Symbol

Monin also uses an alternative type of their original logo. The letters there use the color brown, and the ‘I’ has a multicolored swirl of paint coming out of its top. This one is mostly used by the company on the Internet or occasionally in branding. All product packages are fine with the original design.