Mountain Dew Logo

Mountain Dew is a popular soda invented in 1940 by the brothers Barney and Ally Hartman, and owned by Pepsi. The drink has many flavors such as cherry, citrus, caffeine and others. The trend of extension of the product flavors’ line continues today due to the collaboration with the fast-food restaurants and product shops.

Meaning and History

Mountain Dew Logo history

Though Mountain Dew was created to be a soft drink, initially this name was a slang word for Irish and Scottish moonshine. Using it as a brand name was suggested by Carl E. Retzke. The trademark with this curious name was introduced at one time with the soda, without any changes.

1948 – 1969

Mountain Dew Logo 1948

The initial logotype of the brand depicted its white-colored name, written on the green background. It had a custom font, which stood our soda out of many faceless brands of that time.


Mountain Dew Logo 1969

The logo radiates a playful energy, with the words “MountainDew” flowing seamlessly in an organic, handwritten-style script. The characters possess a boldness, capturing attention with their confident, black strokes. “Mountain” is uniquely styled with an interesting interplay between letters, especially the ‘t’ which forms a cross-like figure above the ‘i’, lending a distinct touch. The word “Dew” follows, its elegant curves complementing the previous word. The overall design is devoid of embellishments, relying on the charisma of the typography itself to make a statement. The simplicity and boldness evoke a sense of refreshment and adventure, much like the beverage it represents.

1969 – 1980

Mountain Dew Logo 1969

The next logo of the brand has another structure than its predecessor. Two words have the wavy font, with the letters of different sizes. The color palette of the logo consists of the red and dark green shades.

1980 – 1991

Mountain Dew Logo 1980

In the year 1980, Mountain Dew decided to modify their logo and add a bit of bright paints to each word.

1991 – 1996

Mountain Dew Logo 1991

The brand designers decided to modify the logo once again. This time, they narrowed and elongated it, as well as changed the color palette

1996 – 1998

Mountain Dew Logo 1996

Another logotype depicted the dark green and red inscription that had an interesting feature: each word went into distance. The inscription gained the straight typeface as well, and the words were leveled up by the letters.

1998 – 2005

Mountain Dew Logo 1998

The following logotype had the sharp forms and a white outline with a shadow. This logotype included the very straight typeface, while the whole logotype was turned to the up, due to which it looked aggressive.

2005 – Today

Mountain Dew Logo 2005

One more logo, introduced in 2005 consisted of the roundish words and had the yellow outline, stylized as a lightning bolt. This logo is in use today.

2009 – 2017

Mountain Dew Logo 2009

Another depicted the short word ‘mtn’, placed above the bright red part ‘Dew’. The both were outlined by the sharp toxic-green frame, due to which the whole logo looked aggressive and stylish.

2017 – Today

Mountain Dew Logo

The current logo has the same structure as the previous one, but with a brighter color palette.

Emblem and Symbol

The trend to sharp and narrow the Mountain Dew’s logo began in 1996, when the inscription was narrowed and a bit sharpened, which was the start of the aggressive policy in the soda’s branding style. Due to these features, the logo looks dynamic and masculine, evoking a sense of strength and excitement.