Myanmar Airways International Logo

Myanmar Airways International (MAI for short) is the largest airline of the Myanmar, founded in 1993. The company links Myanmar with other countries of Southeast Asia, such as China, India, Japan and others. The hub of the airline is the Yangon International Airport.

Meaning and History

Before the current name, there were many other variants. In 1946, the company was named as ‘Union of Burma Airways’. A few decades after, in 1972, the company was renamed to ‘Burma Airways’. With the changing of the country’s name to Myanmar in 1989, the company was renamed as well. Finally, in 1993 the name ‘Myanmar Airways International’ appeared.

What is Myanmar Airways International?
Myanmar Airways International is an airline based in Myanmar that operates both domestic and international flights. It provides air travel services to various destinations, offering passengers comfortable and reliable transportation options.

1993 – Today

Myanmar Airways International Logo

The current logotype of the company represents the traditional animal of Myanmar, pyinsarupa, colored in blue. It is depicted over the bright yellow sun. Below the animal, there is the abbreviation ‘MAI’, written in the blue font.

Emblem and Symbol

The trademark of the brand represents the traditional animal of Myanmar – pyinsarupa. There are many opinions on why did designers drawn this animal of the logo. One of them reflects that initially, MAI was founded by the government, so to draw some cultural feature of the country was quite suitable for the brand.