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Thai Airways are the main airline in Thailand, which executes domestic and international flights. The company’s main offices and hubs are located in Scouvarnabhumi and Phuket International airports. The Airways connect Thailand with many countries of the world, including China, Russia, European countries, USA and many others.

Meaning and History

Thai Airways Logo history

Thai Airways were founded in the 1960 as the airline that would be the flag carrier of Thailand. Initially, it was meant to be the governmental airline, so the company was called simply enough, Thai airways. The first logotype consisted of the national attributes of the country as well, and all of this helped the company to become associative with the country.

Who owns Thai Airways?
Thai Airways is a privately owned company. However, almost a half of their shares belong to the Thai government.

1960 – 1975

Thai Airways Logo 1960

The initial logotype, as we’ve mentioned, consisted of the national attribute of the country’s culture. It depicted the stylized image of the Thai classic dancer soon known as Jumpee. Over it, there was put the sharp red inscription ‘Thai’ of the sans-serif font with strong letters. All this was placed in the thin blue-colored circle that stood as the frame.

1975 – 2005

Thai Airways Logo 1975

The following logotype consisted of the bright purple serif inscription ‘Thai’ with the interesting custom typeface, and the curious emblem which slightly reminds us the point arrow. It has the interesting color palette, including the intertwining bright yellow and purple colors. The figure in the center part of this emblem, though, has the brighter shade.

What is Thai Airways?
It’s the biggest airline in Thailand. Additionally, it’s their chief national carrier.

2005 – today

Thai Airways Logo

The 2005 logo uses generally the same elements as the previous one, but it was a bit updated with some new features that made the company brand look fresher and more modern. The inscription now has another typeface with straighter letters, while the whole logo uses the darker color palette.

Emblem and Symbol

Where does Thai Airways fly?
Their routes will take you all over the world. Naturally, the preferred locations are in Asia.

Due to the simple and eye-catching style, the logo and its parts can be used on different backgrounds. For instance, the current logo for the planes of the airline consists of the arrow emblem, which is usually located on the tail, and the long line with some distinctive ornaments, going through the whole fuselage with the name in the end.