Olmeca Logo

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What is Olmeca Logo

Olmeca is a brand of premium-level tequila produced in Jalisco, Mexico and distributed in 80 countries across the world. The Pernod Ricard, Olmeca owner, made three general brands in the Olmeca tequila label: the classic one, Altos and Tezón. They all contain a spec ingredient – Tahona Liquid.

Meaning and History

The brand line named Olmeca was established in 1967. This name was inspired by one of the ancient American tribes – Olmecs. They’re mostly associated with the big heads made from stone. One of these stone heads is used in the logo, which is the great to design continuity.

1967 – Today

Olmeca Logo

The initial brand logotype, which is in use for today, depicts the inscription ‘Olmeca’ made in the angular sans-serif typeface. The name’s bordered by the lines from other parts of the logo – ‘Tequila’ explanation below and the stone head above. The entire logotype is made in the golden color palette.

Emblem and Symbol

Though the logo we’ve mentioned is the official and the primal one, but there are other versions, which have another color palette. These logotypes are used for the bottles and on some events. For example, Olmeca Silver uses the cold-blue color palette, while the Dark Chocolate has the black one.