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Olmeca is a brand of premium-level tequila produced in Jalisco, Mexico, and distributed in 80 countries across the world. Pernod Ricard is the Olmeca owner. The factory produces 3 main types of tequila: Classic, Altos, and Tezón. They all contain a special ingredient – Tajona, which is the reason the drink has a special taste. A selected blue agave is used as the main ingredient. A fleshy core is extracted from the plant, which is first slowly roasted in brick ovens for several days, then crushed and pressed to obtain juice. It is still pressed using a century-old method – basalt millstones. Strong drinks are produced in bottles of different sizes. A bottle features a bottom in the form of a square, which is a hallmark of the brand, while unusual hieroglyphs are embossed on the thick-walled glass. Some varieties of tequila are packaged in beautiful boxes, which makes them an excellent option for a gift.

Meaning and History

Olmeca Logo history

The brand line named Olmeca was established in 1967. This name was inspired by one of the ancient American tribes – Olmecs. They’re mostly associated with the big heads made from stone. One of these stone heads is used in the logo. The hardworking and intelligent warriors, the Olmecs,  lived in South America for centuries. The Olmecs prepared alcohol from fermented blue agave juice and believe the recipe is given by gods. The modern tequillero masters improved their recipe and created an excellent “drink of the gods”. Pernod Ricard company owns the Olmeca brand.

What is Olmeca?
Olmeca is a brand of tequila that is produced by Pernod Ricard. At the moment, Olmeca tequila is a very famous drink, which is made according to old traditional recipes. The tequila from this factory is considered one of the best in the world, as the tequileros carry out a thorough product control: chemical analysis at the distillation stage and evaluation by a professional taster at the final point.

1967 – 2014

Olmeca Logo 1967

2014 – 2018

Olmeca Logo 2014

2018 – now

Olmеca Logo

The initial brand logotype, which is in use today, depicts the inscription ‘Olmeca’ made in the angular sans-serif typeface. The name has an outline that makes it look as if the name is sticking out of the emblem. It was framed by lines above and below it or a rectangular frame. There is an explanation below that says “Tequila” and an outline of a stone head above in a circle. The latter is a portrait of an Olmec, as in the famous stone sculpture discovered by archaeologists during excavations of the Olmec settlement in 1930. The circle with the portrait is set so close to the name that the letters are shorter in the center to frame it.

Font and Color

Olmeca Emblem

The entire logotype is made in a golden color palette. Though the logo is the official and the primal emblem, there are other versions, which have another color palette. These logotypes are used for the bottles and during some events. For example, Olmeca Silver uses a cold-blue color palette, while Dark Chocolate has a black one. The font used for the emblem features all uppercase letters and delicate serifs.  The letters have angular form and a 3D appearance.