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Omegle is a chatting service created by an American enthusiast L. K-Brooks in 2009. Inside Omegle, two anonymous random users can be connected at their own request at any given time. They chat using a combination of web-cameras and text messages. It’s a laid-back, simple experience.

Meaning and History

Omegle Logo history

2009 – 2020

Omegle Logo 2009

The original Omegle logo consists of two parts: a blue square emblem on the left & the name on the right.

The emblem is a square shape with trimmed corners, colored almost completely in blue. The only non-blue part is a white Omega letter (Ω) skewed counter-clockwise so that its top drives directly into one of the corners. It’s safe to assume that this letter also made its way into the brand’s name, although the reasoning is unclear.

The name (Omegle) is instead colored orange and written with a soft, fluid font in all lowercase letters.

2020 – Today

Omegle Logo

Following the 2020 change, the logo was given two new elements. The first is a light grey semicircle fitted into the Omega’s lower half. It makes it look like a classic microphone, which is likely why this addition was made in the first place. The second is a small ‘.com’ writing added in exactly the same style to the name’s immediate right.

Emblem and Symbol

The reasoning behind the use of Omega in the chat’s emblem is unclear. It’s obviously connected to the name, but the name origins themselves are unclear. No common meanings for Omega really correspond with the nature of this service, which means it was chosen simple because of how good it sounds and looks.