Patrón Logo

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Patron is a brand of tequila distilled by the company with the same name. It’s considered a more high-quality brand, although it’s still extremely popular in its home country of Mexico and many other countries of the Western Hemisphere. The Mexicans even developed a culture of drinking Patron specifically.

Meaning and History

The brand as we know it now has been established in the year 1989. That being said, its history dates much earlier. It’s unclear why exactly they chose the name ‘Patron’ for this drink, but it must have connotations to its higher standard of quality. As of 2021, they are owned by Bacardi.

1989 – today

Patrón Logo

Most logos you’ll see are presented on the labels of the bottles. As such, there are many variations. The common element is the word ‘Patron’ written in black capital letters, with a touch of decorative serif. They are slightly elaborate visually, but not to a point of excessive sophistication. There are just twists and curves that shouldn’t be there.

The other element used everywhere by the brand is the depiction of a bee. It’s fat, rather elaborately illustrated and usually just black-and-white. The reason why they put it there is probably because their main color is yellow and a lot of their blends are yellow-colored. It creates a good association, but doesn’t bear much meaning.

Emblem and Symbol

In addition to the two elements used on all bottles of this brand, there are other illustrative decisions. Usually, they put the variant the bottle contains: Añejo, Silver, XO Café and many others. The style is largely the same as the main writing, including the font and the color. The size is smaller, as a rule.