Performance Food Group Logo

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What is Performance Food Group Logo

Performance Food is an American manufacturer featured with the production, distribution and selling of a range of different food products. The group’s head office locates in the Goochland County, Virginia, and the whole company has over 20000 employees.

Meaning and History

The company’s foundation goes back to the 1885, when the food monger James Capers decided to grow his business. The new company got the name of Pocahontas Foods. As the brand and its target audience grew, the name was changed to the more serious Performance Food Group in 1987.

1987 – Today

Performance Food Group Logo

The current company logotype represents the red abbreviation ‘PFG’ with the dominant position in the whole logo. Near it, we can see the gray-colored inscription ‘Performance Food Group’. Both of them are written in the simple sans-serif typeface.

Emblem and Symbol

Before the Performance Food Group appeared and the company was called Pocahontas Foods, the brand used another logotype. It depicted the classic black inscription ‘Pocahontas’ with the handwritten typeface. The distinctive feature was the arrow striking through the letter ‘T’.