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Performance Food is an American manufacturer known for the production, distribution, and selling of a range of different food products. The group’s head office is located in Goochland County, Virginia, and the whole company has over 20,000 employees. Performance Food Group has several divisions, which focus on providing different services. It has national distributors and a variety of regional and local distributors as its competitor. Sysco and US Foods are currently the other main players in this industry.  Nonetheless, thanks to a wide distribution network, attractive prices due to bulk purchases, close interaction with customers, and other strategies, Performance Food Group manages to keep its leading position in the industry.

Meaning and History

The company’s foundation date goes back to the 1885, when the food monger James Capers decided to grow his business. The new business was initially known as Pocahontas Foods. As the brand and its target audience grew, the name was changed to the more serious one in 1987 – Performance Food Group i. Thirty years later, the company was purchased by Wellspring Capital Management and Blackstone Group and cost $1.3 billion. Two other privately owned food service companies also became part of the Performance Food Group. It is Vistar, a distributor of snacks, and Roma Foods, which is a company that focused on Italian food. One of the latest acquisitions of Reinhart from Reyes Holdings, L.L.C. The company first made its shares available for purchase only in 2015.

What is Performance Food Group?
Performance Food Group company is an international food supplier originating from the United States. It managed to achieve great success. It is currently holding 114the place in the Fortune 500 list. The company is growing, including through the acquisition of other companies working in this sphere. Performance Food provides close to two thousand dishes, including soups, salads, cereals, meat, seafood, fish, desserts, and so on.

1987 – Today

Performance Food Group Logo

The current company logo represents the red abbreviation “PFG” with the dominant position in the whole logo. Near it, we can see the gray-colored inscription ‘Performance Food Group’. Both of them are written in the simple sans-serif typeface. To the left of the “P”, there are four lines of the same red color as the abbreviation. They are cut straight on one side and have pointy, stretched-out ends on the other. The top line is the longest and they gradually decrease in length with each next line. They give some motion and dynamics to the logo and might imply the fast delivery of the food by the company.

Before the Performance Food Group appeared and the company was called Pocahontas Foods, the brand used another logotype. It depicted the classic black inscription ‘Pocahontas’ with the handwritten typeface. The distinctive feature was the arrow striking through the letter “T”.

Font and Color

The abbreviation is done in large uppercase, italicized letters. It features a crimson shade of red, which is stimulating and energetic. It is a great color to be used by a food company as it arouses appetite and draws attention. The other inscription is done in a light gray color, which is quite neutral and balances out the bright red. For both parts of the logo, the Performance Food Group decided to go with a simple, easy-to-read and remember font.