Perrier Logo

Perrier is a brand of the natural premium-class carbonated water coming from the sources in the city of Vergèze in France. Now it’s owned and produced by the Nestlé France. The brand is spread across many countries of the world, generally in US, Europe and Asia.

Meaning and History

Perrier Logo history

Though the bottled water from these sources appeared in Britain in 1863, the Perrier brand arrived in 1898, when the doctor Louis Perrier bought a water spring in Vergèze. He turned it into a spa and started to sell its water, named after himself. With the name, he made up the logotype for his water.

What is Perrier?
Perrier is a well-known brand of sparkling mineral water that has been produced since 1863. It is sourced from natural springs in France and is known for its distinctive green bottle and effervescent taste. Perrier is a popular choice for those looking for a refreshing and carbonated beverage.

1898 – 2003

Perrier Logo 1898

The first brand logotype showed its green-colored name, executed in the serif font. The interesting feature of the lettering consists of the curious bars on the first character ‘p’. Also, we can mention that the whole logo is covered by the circular lines above and below.

2003 – Today

Perrier Logo

The current Brand logo consists of the same inscription, but it’s written on the green-colored circle with the golden strip behind. Both the strip and circle are contoured by the white line, due to which they look eye-catching.

Emblem and Symbol

Though, for the corporate brand identity and the bottles Perrier uses 2003 logotype, for the social media and official site the brand has the simple white inscription on the green background without any special details. Due to the font, the brand name each time looks distinctive and curious.