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Pokemon is a very vast series of shows, films, games and other media that features the creatures that look animal but have special powers that they use to battle other creatures like them (called Pokemons) alongside their trainers (basically their owners). Basically, it’s amongst the most popular universes in the world.

Meaning and History

Pokemon was created in 1995 by Nintendo. The name literally stands for ‘Pocket Monsters’ hinting at the fact that you always carry these creatures around with you and summon them when you need to fight other people with their own Pokemons. That said, the name is styled as ‘Pokémon’, for no apparent reason.

1998 – today

Pokemon Logo

The franchise didn’t have a logo until about 1998, when this one came up.
They took the name of the brand and styled it into a cartoonish look. Both the letters and the way they themselves are written is all over the place, as you may expect. The vowels are all lowercase, while the consonants are uppercase. Plus, they aren’t written in a line, but rather in an arch.
Color-wise, it’s a yellow taken from the main Pokemon in the series – Pikachu (whose color is in turn taken from electricity, his element). The outline for the letters is blue, although the colors become a bit paler and darker to the right. There is a lot of volume and shading.

Emblem and Symbol

Symbol Pokemon

This is the main logo, but specific titles in the game series have additional words or images attached to it. There can also be additional outlines that match the dominant color scheme, such as with ‘Pokemon X’, ‘Pokemon Y’, ‘Polemon Sun’ or ‘Pokemon Moon’, where red and blue outlines were added to the brand name.

Emblem Pokemon