Quatro Logo

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What is Quatro Logo

Quatro is a soft fruit-tasted soda, manufactured and put up for sale with intervals from 1982 to 1989 and since 1996 and ongoing. These drinks are mostly spread in the UK and the South America, where much of the Quatro products are manufactured by the Coca Cola Company

Meaning and History

The distinctive feature of our drink, which is shown in the Quatro’s name and logotype, is the taste of four fruits of the pop: pineapple, orange, passion fruit and grapefruit. This feature remained with the brand until today, with a very few changes.

1982 – Today

Quatro Logo

The initial logotype splits in two parts: four multicolored squares in the center and on the corners, and the multicolored variants of the brand name on all sides. A white symbol, similar to the letter ‘q’ is placed over the squares in the center.

Emblem and Symbol

About the style of Quatro emblem and symbols, we can talk a lot. The brand’s font depicts the modern and technological sans-serif style, with many gaps in the letters, while the color scheme depicts all colors of the fruits, used in the drink’s production.