Reckitt Benckiser Logo

Reckitt Benckiser is a multinational company which makes and sells consumer goods, including the products of the personal hygiene, health, home goods, etc. It was formed in 1999, and the hub locates in UK, Slough, but there are branches across the Europe.

Meaning and History

Reckitt Benckiser Logo history

With the merger of two big companies, British Reckitt & Colman plc and Benckiser from the Netherlands in 1999, they had to create a neutral logotype and name for them both. So, that name was Reckitt Benckiser, and the logo depicts mostly this inscription. However, in 2021 it was rebranded as just ‘Reckitt’ for some reason.

1999 – 2009

Reckitt Benckiser Logo 1999

The initial Reckitt Benckiser logo depicts the two-level black and blue Company name, written in the simple and clear sans-serif typeface. The distinctive feature of the inscription is that the characters ‘k’ in both words connected to each other, symbolizing the merger.

2009 – 2014

Reckitt Benckiser Logo 2009

The brand’s second logo has the one-tone sans-serif inscription, placed on the right side from the purple emblem. Within this triangular emblem, we can see the small abbreviation ‘RB’, which of course is the shorting of the full name.

2014 – 2021

Reckitt Benckiser Logo 2014

Another logotype depicts the emblem only, with the explanations of a range of products the company in producing and selling: ‘Health * Hygiene * Home’ This logotype was in use until March 23, 2021, when the company rebranded as just ‘Reckitt’, and changed its logo.

2021 – Today

Reckitt Benckiser Logо

The current logotype that is used by the company depicts the solid purple inscription ‘Reckitt’ of the sans-serif simple font, with a sharp letter ‘k’.

Emblem and Symbol

As we’ve mentioned, the current logotype has the inscription ‘Reckitt’, without the part ‘Benckiser’. There are many opinions why RB changed its brand identity, but the official reason is the new brand identity is meant to stress the Company task: to protect, heal and nurture in the pursuit of a clean, health world.

However, there is another opinion, why RB changed its name and logo: many people shortened the huge name ‘Reckitt Benckiser’ to a simple ‘Reckitt’ or even ‘rb’. Therefore, the new name is the simpler, clearer and more eye-catching variant, which saves the company’s heritage as well.