Red Bull Logo

Red Bull is a world-wide energy drink produced by an Austrian company, Red Bull GmbH. The drink was launched in 1987 by Dietrich Mateschitz. Originally, the beverage had a simple combination of caffeine, taurine and sugar. Since 2013, the company introduces fruit tastes for the beverage.

Meaning and History

The brand identity and the marketing of Red Bull stand on its energizing ingredients such as caffeine and taurine. Red Bull has an image of a drink which makes you as strong and brisk as the bull is. The ‘Red’ word is chosen due to its aggressive and instant visibility.

What is Red Bull?
Red Bull is an energy drink company known for its popular beverage of the same name. It was founded in Austria in 1987 and has since become a global brand, recognized for its distinctive blue and silver cans and its association with extreme sports and adrenaline-fueled events.

1987 – Today

Red Bull Logo

The current Brand logo depicts the name ‘Red Bull’ with sans serif font, which has the gaps in the first letters of each word. Above this inscription, we can see the Red Bull emblem, showing off two outlined bulls which ran on each other, and the sun behind them.

Emblem and Symbol

The Red Bull logo has many incarnations in many color schemes, confined to different events or other occasions. For example, there is a logo which is used on some of the company’s merch and its official website.

This logo depicts an impressive emblem of red bull running into the circle of fire & water. Right side from this emblem, we can see the Company name. Along with many other logotypes you can find on the Internet, this logo remains only as a secondary one and not used on the drink can.