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Remy Martin is one of the oldest upper-class cognac houses in the world. The company’s place of origin is the city of Cognac, which is where the drink got its name from. Remy Martin’s cognac is sold in many countries of the world and valued for its quality for many years. This is because the Remy Martin company has never stopped searching for the best and uses only the most valuable ingredients for the production of its cognac – grapes from the Grande and Petite Champagne regions. Exceptional care for nature is part of the culture of the Remi Martin cognac house, which developed a policy of sustainable viticulture together with partners. This cognac brand is focused on growth in terms of volume and quality of production.

Meaning and History

The company name holds the heritage of its founder – Remi Martin. He had established a small cognac trading house in 1724, which soon grew to a large company. In 1738, Remy Martin was granted the rare right to plant new vines by the King of France and Louis XV in recognition of the excellent quality of the drink. For several centuries, the family business has been passed down from father to son, from generation to generation, forming invaluable baggage of knowledge about the secrets and traditions of Remy Martin cognac production. In 1990, the House of Remy Martin merged with another French manufacturer of alcoholic beverages, Cointreau, creating a powerful group. The Remy Cointreau Group owns several brands of champagne, liqueurs, and rum.

What s Remy Martin?
Cognac house Rémy Martin is one of the four largest cognac houses in France in terms of production and sales, second only to the Hennessy brand. It can be called a king in the world of cognacs. Its amazing taste, unforgettable aroma, and even the appearance of the drink indicate a noble origin. The company follows a path of globalization and expansion, concluding agreements with many well-known manufacturers of cognac spirits.

1841 – Today

Rémy Martin Logo

The brand logo depicts the gold centaur, aiming somewhere in the sky. Below the emblem, there is an impressive inscription with the name of the company, written in the black serif font of the Roman style. It also states “Fine Champagne Cognac” under the name in finer print. The first known variant of the brand logo was introduced in 1841 when Remi’s grandson also named Remi decided to create a visual identity for the company. Why did he decide to add a centaur as a brand emblem? Centaurs are servants of the god Bacchus. Half horses, half people, they are passionate but patient. These creatures perfectly symbolize what it takes to make the best cognac.

Font and Color

Rémy Martin Emblem

The company uses a classic, remarkable typeface for its name in the logo. It looks a lot like the Cartesius Small Caps font. All the letters in the name and inscription under it are black and uppercase, which creates an even better impression. The color scheme of the logo is black and golden. Both of these colors look professional and formal and have some royal elegance and luxury about them.