Rémy Martin Logo

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What is Rémy Martin Logo

Remy Martin is one of the oldest high-level cognac houses in the world. The company’s place of origin is the city of Cognac (properly, the drink gained the name after the city). Remy Martin’s cognac is spread in many countries of the world and graded for its quality for many times.

Meaning and History

The company name holds a heritage of its founder – Remi Martin. He had established a small cognac trading house in 1724, which soon grew to a large company. The first known variant of the brand logo was introduced in 1841, when Remi’s grandson also called Remi decided to create a visual identity for the company.

1841 – Today

Rémy Martin Logo

The Brand logo depicts the gold centaur, aiming somewhere in the sky. Right side from the centaur, there is the impressive inscription with the name of the company, written in the black serif font of the Roman style.

Emblem and Symbol

As we’ve mentioned, In 1841 Remy Martin created a visual identity for his company. Why did he decide to add centaur as a brand emblem? Well, it is a myth creature symbolizing Sagittarius, Martin’s zodiac sign.