SABMiller Logo

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SAB Miller was a massive brewing corporation that produced a lot of the alcohol brands. Of all the alcohol brands you’ve drunk, a good portion of them is likely Miller-produced. They were originally a British brand, and their headquarters continued to be there, but the brand very soon turned global.

Meaning and History

There was a company called South African Breweries (SAB) that operated since 1895. Its later history is a bit confusing, because SAB bought the other alcohol company, Miller, in 2002. Out of it, they developed the brand that was known as SAB Miller – it became a dominant entity in this weird relationship until its dissolution in 2016.

2002 – 2016

SABMiller Logo

Although the company existed piecemeal before 2002 (as parts of Miller and SAB), the first logo of what became SAB Miller appeared only in 2002. It was an ocher oval ring (no doubt inspired by beer) with the similarly colored company name inside. The ‘SAB’ part was bigger and in the center of attention, with ‘Miller’ right below it.

The letters were a slightly serif, moderately bold style. Interestingly, both parts were positioned to be exactly the same in width, although it meant they weren’t the same height-wise.

Emblem and Symbol

SAB Miller controlled a good chunk of the world’s alcohol (primarily beer) production, which meant they had several subsidiaries and offices across the world. Some of them, such as SAB Miller Russia, had their own, slightly different logos. The one in question, for instance, had blue letters, sometimes in Cyrillic, as well as a taller ring around them.