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Pellegrino is a mineral water brand originally owned by an Italian company of the same name. Its products are marketed in many product stores in the Middle East, North and South America, Europe, Asia, and others. The first studies of mineral water from the San Pellegrino spring date back to 1748. It is extracted from the “San Pellegrino” spring at a depth of over 1,500 feet, where the water undergoes a thorough natural purification and filtration. Then, it comes to the surface in the foothills of the Italian Alps in the territory of San Pellegrino Terme. Initially, it was just sparkling mineral water. Later, the company created a carbonated fruit drink “Aranciata S. Pellegrino”, which contained only orange juice, sugar, and carbonated water, with other fruit flavors being added to the list not long after.

Meaning and History

San Pellegrino Logo history

San Pellegrino company foundation goes back to the end of the 19th century. It was founded in 1899, in the province of Bergamo, Italy. Accordingly, the company’s name came from the place of its production plant location, San Pellegrino Terme. In just a year, the brand had about 35 thousand bottles of San Pellegrino mineral water sold, over five thousand of which were exported. By 1908, the water became known all over the world, far beyond the borders of Europe. One hundred years later, more than 500 million bottles of S. Pellegrino mineral water were sold. Since 1999, the San Pellegrino brand has been owned by the Nestle company, which has formed a division for the production and sale of mineral waters – Nestle Waters. The latter is now a leader in sales of mineral waters and other drinks around the world.

What is San Pellegrino?
San Pellegrino is a mineral water of medium degree of natural carbonation from thermal springs with additional carbonation. Passing deeply through the underground, the water acquires a rich, balanced taste. The water not only helps to quench thirst but is also deemed to be very good for overall health. San Pellegrino is bottled on the most modern equipment, so the qualities of this water are perfectly preserved and it guarantees the same organoleptic characteristics in any part of the world.

1899 – 2003

San Pellegrino Logo 1899

A large star with the company’s name inside was the first representation of the brand. The star was red, which looks a lot like Rosso Corsa. The star features a very thin white border that is indented inside to create a double border feel. A black banner was placed inside the star in line with the two peaks. It said, “S. Pellegrino” in all uppercase, white letters. They have small serifs, which adds a nice touch to the otherwise ordinary look of the logo.

2003 – Today

San Pellegrino Logo

The modern logotype depicts the blue inscription with the company name using a serif font. It also has a white contour followed by a very thin blue shadow, which gives it a 3D appearance. This logotype came from the old times of the 20th century when Pellegrino used just its name as the brand mark for ads or banners. Its style and capital letters in one line didn’t undergo many changes. Over time, the brand designers added a star. It is positioned above the name and has a red color. The star also has a thin double outline, with white being followed by red.

Font and Color


The brand uses a font with sharp serifs and an outline along with shadow that creates a 3D look. It features a classic blue color, the color of the water. Blue color brings a sense of peace and infinity and relaxes a person. There is also a red color, which is the color of life and energy in many countries. Red, white, and blue are a classic combination.