San Pellegrino Logo

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What is San Pellegrino Logo

Pellegrino is a mineral water brand owned by Italian company of the same name. Its products are marketed in many product stores in the Middle East, both Americas, Europe, Asia and others. Since the year 1996, Pellegrino is a part of Swiss food and beverage manufacturer Nestlé.

Meaning and History

San Pellegrino company foundation goes back to the end of the 19th century. It was founded in 1890, in the province of Bergamo, Italy. Properly, the company name came from the place of its production plants’ location, San Pellegrino Terme.

2003 – Today

San Pellegrino Logo

The modern logotype depicts the blue inscription with the company name in the serif font. It also has the white contour, which gives the letters a volumetric image. Above the inscription, we can see the red and white star.

Emblem and Symbol

This logotype came from the old times of 20th century, when Pellegrino used just its name as the brand mark for ads or banners. Its style, capital letters in a line, didn’t have many changes. But throughout the time, the brand designers added the star and chose the single the font.