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Scoot is a low-cost airline from Singapore. It’s a subsidiary of the much bigger airline called Singapore Airlines, and the latter basically delegated all low-cost flights to this new arrival in the world of airlines. Their destinations include Australia, China, India and various other countries in Asia.

What is Scoot?
It’s a low-cost airline under Singapore Airlines. They basically delegated this company with making the same flights, but cheaper.

Meaning and History

The company was created in 2011 by Singapore Airlines. It seems that they try to appeal to younger travelers, which is also why they decided to adopt this name. It doesn’t have much deeper meaning, except it evokes something small, childish and lighthearted. In 2016, the full name became ‘Scoot Tigerair’ after they merged with another company.

Who owns Scoot?
Scoot is a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines. And they are the biggest airline in Singapore and one of the biggest in Southeast Asia.

2011 – today

Scoot Logo

Scoot logo is an interesting product. The central element is a big yellow circle (like supposed to mean the Sun) with part of the company name (‘Scoo’) inside. The name is in all lowercase letters, colored in black. They have aligned them with the right side of the figure, and then put the last letter on the other side, skewing it in the process.

Emblem and Symbol

Where does Scoot fly?
The usual locations are nearby countries. It includes Australia, India, Thailand, China and more.

The logo is usually black-and-yellow, but it changes depending on the purpose at hand. Sometimes, they like to make a 3D variation with an orange ball (instead of the circle) and white letters on it. The plane livery normally uses a similar approach (orange background, white letters), but without the 3D component.